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A Sharp Bass Professional Flute

A Sharp Bass Professional Bamboo Flute of Kali-5 is approximately 21.5 inches long flute and is the eleventh flute of 4th octave. The flute is tuned to sound A#4 pitch (466.16 Hz) when the upper three holes are closed.

When all the six holes are closed, the flute sounds F note of 4th octave (F4).

F scale notes : A# /(Sa), C /(Re), D /(Ga), D#/(Ma), F/(Pa), G/(Dha), A /(Ni)

The flute is a professional grade bansuri which can be played in live concerts or studios. It is suitable to be played by new learners to learn Indian classical music.

The A Sharp Bass Bamboo flute is a great pick for people who want to explore Indian Classical Music at the earlier stage. Its beautiful sound and quality makes it perfect for those moving up in their musical journey.

Structure and Format : A Sharp Bass Professional Flute

The A Sharp Bass Professional Bamboo Flute which is also called Kali-5 bansuri is a transverse flute with a mouth hole and six finger holes. A 7th hole made offset from the line of the finger hole determines its 5th Note which is F4.

The 7th hole when closed produce E4 note, which is also called Tivra Madhyam (Mandra Saptak).

The format of A Sharp Bass Bamboo Flute is Hindustani Style. The Kali-5 Hindustani or the North Indian Bansuri is designed to sound the root note i.e A# note (466.16 Hz) when the upper three holes are closed.

How to Play Complete Octave on A Sharp Bansuri?

The full octave of the A Sharp Bass Bansuri is played as follows:

  • A#4 / (Sa) : Upper three holes closed
  • C5 / (Re) : Upper tow holes closed
  • D5 / (Ga): The top hole is closed
  • D#5/ (Ma) : Half of the top hole is closed
  • F5/ (Pa) : When all six holes are covered and air is blown with a relatively stronger force (if blown gently, the lower notes will be produced)
  • G5 / (Dha) : When the last finer hole is opened (relatively stronger blow)
  • A5 / (Ni): When the last two finger holes are opened (relatively stronger blow)
  • A#5 / (Sa’) : The last three finger holes opened (relatively stronger blow)

Note : For F5/(Pa), G5(Dha), A5/(Ni), & A#5/( Sa’) note, one has to blow relatively stronger, else lower octave notes will sound.

A Sharp Bass Professional Flute: Specifications

Following are the specifications of the A Sharp Bass (Kali-5) Professional Bamboo Flute:

  • Length : The F Sharp Bass Professional Flute is approximately 21.5 inches (54.61 Cm) long. Its internal diameter is 20 mm and its standard wall thickness is approximately 1.5 mm.
  • Key/Scale : Closing the upper three holes allows playing of the A#4 Scale, whereas covering all six holes enables playing of the F5 Scale.
  • Material : The flute is purely made of high quality seasoned Assam Bamboo Dolu.
  • Reference Pitch : By default, the flute comes with A 440 Hz tuning. However, one can opt for A432 Hz while placing an order.
  • Alternate Name : Kali-5 or Black-5 (According to the Nomenclature of Indian Classical Music)

Quality of the Flute

The flute is purely a professional bansuri with guaranteed tuning.

Any professional music, classical or light music, can be played on this bansuri. However, we cannot guarantee that the bamboo flute will be free of stains or scratches.

Offers and Benefits

When you purchase the F Sharp Bass Professional Flute, you will get the following benefits:

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Tuning and Tonal Quality

This flute is a professional bansuri specifically tuned for Shruti-based Indian Classical Music using a tanpura. Tuning and tonal quality of the flute can be checked here.




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