Flute99 : World’s Most Affordable Professional Flutes

Flute99 is here with a big surprise for you.

Professional flutes come with a high price tag. The cost is not solely determined by the materials used, but rather by the time and effort required to transform a simple piece of pipe or bamboo into a vibrant musical instrument capable of creating magic.

The bamboo flute, particularly the bansuri, stands out as the most affordable and suitable musical instrument for individuals of all age groups looking to start learning music. Moreover, the enchanting sound of the flute has a universal appeal, a quality that led Lord Krishna to choose the bansuri as his instrument of choice.

Many individuals harbour a deep desire to play this magical musical instrument, but financial constraints often stand in their way. This is especially true for students without a source of income who find it challenging to afford a professional flute.

If you find yourself in this situation, Flute99 has some exciting news for you.

Flute99 is an initiative by DPflutes, committed to delivering best quality professional flutes at prices as low as Rs 599.

In the following paragraphs, we will guide you through various aspects of Flute99, including its terms and conditions, and the promises it holds.

Why Flute99?

DPflutes is a top-notch brand known worldwide. We provide high-quality professional flutes that are more affordable than those big brands. Even though our prices are good, some people still find it expensive. To stay a top global brand, we keep our prices where they are.

But, to help those who can’t spend much, we’re introducing Flute99. It’s for people who want excellent professional flutes but cannot spend much money to afford good flutes.

Promises of Flute99

Flute99 guarantees to give you awesome deals on the best professional flutes. Here’s what you can expect from Flute99 :


Flute99 is committed to tuning our flutes to the highest standards. We don’t compromise on tuning, even though our flutes are affordable.


Flute99 specialises in crafting bamboo flutes. While we strive for perfect tuning, the external appearance of the bamboo may appear slightly uneven at times. If you’re seeking the finest professional flute at an incredibly affordable price, Flute99 is the ideal option for you.

Customization Options

Currently, Flute99 gives you the following option to choose between:

  • Left/Right Hand
  • Pitch Standard – 440 Hz/432 Hz

Carry Case

By default, Flute99 is sold without a carry case. However, you have the option to purchase a carry case for just Rs 100.

Delivery Time

At Flute99, we make flutes only after receiving your orders. By default, we make and dispatch the flute within 5-7 days from when you place the order. Keep in mind, if we have a lot of orders, it might take a bit longer, but we’ll do our best to get it to you.

Delivery Charges

We charge a nominal delivery fee of Rs 69. Please be aware that the actual delivery cost is always more than Rs 69.

Delivery Area

Flute99 is currently available for delivery only within India. Customers outside India cannot place orders through our website.


We use private couriers (surface) for delivery, but it depends on whether they are available in your pin code. If not, we’ll send the parcel through India Post.

Speed Delivery

We ship our products using surface modes. If you prefer your product to be delivered on a time-bound basis, you will need to cover the charges for express delivery.


We do not accept customisation requests at this cost. If you’re looking for customisation, you might want to check out DPflutes.

Threading : Colour and Pattern

Flute99 has its own brand colour and pattern. Please be aware that we do not offer customisation in colour and pattern.

Cash on Delivery

As of now, Cash on Delivery is not available at any location.

Offers and Discounts

Flute99 provides the best professional flutes at the most affordable rates. Currently, there are no offers or discounts available.


Flute99 is the exclusive brand offering high-quality professional flutes at extremely affordable rates. Please note that we reserve the right to increase the prices of our products in the future is required.

Return & Replacement

We do accept returns and replacements if you receive a damaged product from us. Additionally, if you happen to receive the wrong product, we take moral responsibility and promptly issue a replacement for you.

Placing the Orders

Our website, Flute99, has integrated with the PhonePe payment gateway for seamless checkout. Currently, we do not accept offline orders.


We do not accept offline orders. However, you can email us at [email protected] or WhatsApp on our business number +91 96411 42655 (only text messages) for any queries.

YouTube Channel

For every updates on flute99, you can join our YouTube channel.

Flute99 Policies

When you purchase any product from flute99.com, we assume that you have agreed to our business terms and conditions. Therefore, it is recommended to go through our Terms & Conditions, Return/Replacement and Shipping Policy.

Distinct Brand Rules

Flute99 is part of the DPflutes venture, functioning independently with its unique policies and conditions. It is important to note that customers cannot combine or choose terms from both brands for a customised purchase.


Flute99, with the above distinct terms, is the most affordable brand that ensures you best quality professional flutes. However, it is important to note that it is not the substitute of our flagship brand DPflutes.

If you want to go with flute99, you have to bear in mind that you are going to get a value for money products from us.

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  1. Iam snr citizen want to learn flute. My height 5’2 , right hand,
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